Post : Back office executive

Job Details :

  • Managing files in order
  • circulation of orders/guidelines throughout company
  • receiving/sending management of letters
  • collection of day to day reports
  • organising them and submitting to authority
  • managing office decorum
  • workplace ethics
  • keeping privacy of company documents
  • assigning work to employees as per directions of management
  • restricting misuse of company resources

Post : Telecaller

Job Details :

  • Managing calling list and its security
  • recording responses of customers
  • forwarding responses to authority
  • considering suggestions into list
  • extracting list of customers from proper medium
  • preparing of para before communicating considering all aspects and requirements of customers
  • work in line with stores manager for availability of stock as customer desires
  • updation of customer records and informing to authorities

Post : Technical executive

Job Details :

  • Providing technical assistance to staff as well as outsider if authorised
  • recording log of assistance provided/forwarded
  • making machines working well and correcting errors within given time to person
  • rechecking technical support for remaining errors in system
  • taking feedback on status of working of system
  • submission of technical assistance report including feedback duly signed by person to whom assistance provided

Post : Marketing executive

Job Details :

  • Work in line with telecaller
  • collect report from them to fulfill customer requirements
  • maintaining list of prestigious customers as well as regular customers
  • communicate to office authority daily about updation on services/goods
  • submit report of sales details including feedback from customers
  • keeping report same as received from telecaller
  • informing to purchasing section daily about requirements of customers/upcoming orders/orders
  • daily checking of availability of goods and services to keep in mind before accepting order for fulfilling it in time

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