The ‘e’ in the E mitra portal stands for electronic. The basic function of it is welfare of common people by eliminating the complications involved in the basic services provided by the government.  It can be termed as a tool which is used by public agencies or portals that assist in achieving the beneficial government goals. These goals include both economic and social goals that are set by the government of the country. E-mitra is commonly perceived as the use of ICT i.e. Information and communication technology but, at the level of government so that the services can reach out to the citizens in an uncomplicated process. The basic responsibilities of e mitra portal is to become a mediator in the form of exchanging information derived from different agencies of government to the common people and enterprises of the country in a very efficient, transparent and speedy manner. There are n number of benefits that are derived from emitra online payment as stated below-

Empowerment of Country

  • Due to the reduction in brokerage charge that was earlier paid to all the intermediaries
  • Providing common people with limited channel for the exchange of information and services.

Maintaining a Transparent relationship between government and citizens

  • The rules, instructions, performance and other important information can reach out to major part of citizens.
  • Elimination of intermediaries would reduce administrative corruption to a higher extent.
  • Monitoring of the entire procedure of payment as everything is done online through e mitra portal.
  • The storing and retrieval of data has become more efficient, the time taken to process the data and information is much more less than the earlier times when manually every task had to be done and every record had to be maintained, the information can be transformed instantly and much more which makes the process more transparent thus, enforcing accountability.

 The services delivered through e mitra kiosk

One can do the emitra online payment of assorted utility services like

  • Water bills
  • Electricity bills
  • Landline and mobile bills
  • Booking of bus as well as train tickets
  • Issue of both death and birth certificates.
  • Submission and filling up of forms of different examinations (both of private and government institutions.)
  • One can pay the dues/ fee to the municipal of your particular city.
  • Any information about the government policies, the current rates of property, tax rates, changes in policies and other related information can be derived from these emitra portal payment.

So, the prime objective of e mitra portal is to make the process of getting the benefits provided by government, hassle free. It can be a single solution as it would be a solo platform that can provide every e-service altogether at one place which would minimize the complications that the common people or citizens have to face. Further, the precious time and hard earned money can be saved as the process would become less complicated. But, because this is a new initiative that government of Rajasthan has taken, the process requires more improvement and more work need to be done on the same. As emitra online payment portal are not available at small radiuses in rural area it can get a bit challenging for common people to find one but, as the importance of it is acknowledged by more and more people, more startups in the field would come up!