Education Hub

Distance learning or we can say online distance education is a contemporary system of deriving non-formal education. The education is disseminated by the means of postal or correspondence courses, electronic media, contacts, etc. Mewar Education has acquired great reputation in the field of education consultancy especially by being education provider & contributor. The foresight and perception of Mewar Education is to prepare more and more individuals of India, both privileged and under-privileged, to become contextually reinvented and socially constructed so that they can be ready to face the increasing competition and challenges in the world. And to accomplish this vision and mission they are willing to create an education center that is renowned in the world by providing them quality education through online distance education.

Mewar Education is affiliated with about seven renowned universities so as to cover on and about all the academic programs and provide the best of what they can. The affiliated universities are approved by UGC, DEC, HED, AICTE. ITI courses that are conducted are approved by NCVT for the students’ quality assurance. By achieving 100% examination results, Mewar Education tends to achieve academic excellence.