Insurance Provider Company

We bring you nearest to having an insured business or life. How much close? Just a few click away. Mewar Education Pvt. Ltd. is an online insurance provider company that helps you in getting insurance on almost everything.  From government policies and insurances to private parties insuring your way into new India, we do it all.


Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Rural Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance, Asset Insurances, we help you get it all in one go. We are one stop solution to your every insurance need. With 10+ leading insurer partnership, Mewar Education Pvt. Ltd. is thus helping you in getting robust insurance policies that match your needs.


We allow you to compare various insurance policies on singular platform, purchase policies, renew them also claim insurances easily in one go. Our website thus gives you comprehensive information and a wide array of insurance policies with an elaborate policy specific information on the website helping you in making a better choice.

Why Insurance from Us?

  • Comparison is easier:

    Numerous policy features, premium policies more than 10+ insurers. All these information helps you in making a more informed choice.

  • Simple and Convenient:

    Just in a few steps you are able to compare, get informed, purchase, renew and perform multiple actions on a single service platform.

  • Secure:

    No information breaches and compromise related to your transactions, bank information, card information, everything is acutely secure.

  • Insurance provider choice:

    More than 10+ leading insurers brought on a singular platform. This fact insures you to have numerous choices to take from while the purchase.

  • Paperless transactions :

    Paperless transactions, and cloud saved information; these two facts help you get access to your policy information anytime anywhere with reduced efforts.

  • Timely Assistance:

    Stuck somewhere or can’t understand some information, get assistance at Mewar Education support services helping you throughout the information process.

Insurance Solutions for almost everything

Some of the leading insurance solutions you can leverage here are:

  • Car Insurance:

    The policy helps the policy bearer from any unfortunate unforeseen event that cause damage to car and the policy bearer. Here you get to browse through your needs be it third party liability-only policy or comprehensive car insurance services. Accidental damage, damage by natural calamities, man-made events, third party liability, vehicular theft, personal damages and much more is covered.

  • Life Insurance:

    Get life insurance for any unfortunate death of the policy holder. The policy entails payout for the designated nominee. Buy your life insurance at Mewar Education Pvt. Ltd., providing you options to purchase term insurance plans.

  • Health Insurance:

    Health care insurance that gives you cover for the medical expenses of the policy holder. In case of hospitalization and other medical needs, the health cover leverages you to get cashless services or reimburse of the admissible expense to you.

  • Two-Wheeler Insurance:

    Two-wheeler insurance policy helps you get damage cover caused by theft, third party liability, personal accidents, other important factors etc. The cover you get varies according to the policy laws and regulation.