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What is E-kyc?

KYC or Know Your Customer is a customer identification process. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has laid down guidelines under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002, which makes it binding for financial institutions and financial intermediaries like mutual funds to acquaint themselves with their customers. KYC process helps prevent money laundering and other suspicious transactions.

E-KYC Introduction Form

Procedure For E-kyc

Mewar Education Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized KYC partner of One97 Communication Ltd for opening the digital account / doing KYC for Paytm Payment Bank Ltd.
It is pleased to inform that MEWAR is authorized to verify KYC details of PAYTM wallet holders by an Aadhaar based electronic know-your- customer process (E-KYC) on behalf of ONE97/PPBL. A golden opportunity to be a part of Mewar for doing the KYC process of Paytm, we are offering you a best ever opportunity to capture the huge of market and earn more as you can. Mewar is inviting you to be authorized distributor of Mewar Education Pvt. Ltd. for doing E-KYC of Paytm.

  • Technical Requirement
    1 An Android Tablet / Smartphone versions 4.2.2 with OTG Support/USB host feature
    2 A GSM SIM for internet connectivity.
    3 A Finger Print Sensor – Morpho MSO1300e2
  • Agent Monthly Subscription Fee-
    A monthly subscription fee of Rs-99 will be applicable for each working/active agent under the
    agency W.E.F. Which would be cut from the earned commission of TL.
  • For Being PAYTM E-KYC Partner
    According the RBI guidelines Agent can’t do the other’s KYC until his/her KYC is not completed so firstly AGENT needs to follow the blow maintained steps for completing his/her E-KYC just
    Install the Golden Gate ApplicationComplete the E-KYC by using the ID XXXXXXX and password XXXXXSend your agent details in new agent creation sheet with payment details.An Associate can employ as many Agents as he/she wants to but the Agents should be registered with MEWAR. KYC can be done for any customer. If we find cases where agents are clicking random photos instead of KYC form, strict action will be taken against agent leading to blacklisting of them For any queries and clarifications regarding technical requirements, on-boarding process and financial benefits
    Please Go Through The Link For Filling The Registration…
  • Account opening & Data/documents capturing process
    S. No. Task
    1 Agent enters Paytm Payments Bank Ltd customer’s mobile no. on the Paytm KYC app.
    2 Agent to ensure that customer reads KYC T&Cs mentioned on Paytm KYC app / KYC form.
    3 Agent asks for Paytm Passcode(OTP) delivered on Paytm Payments Bank Ltd customer’s registered mobile no. and enters in the KYC app
    4 Agent enters Aadhaar no. and gets the fingerprint scan.
    5 Customer to confirm the details.
    6 Agent to take consent to T&C as confirmed by One97.
    7 Agent to fill & verify other details in the KYC app and submit the request
  • Dos & Don’ts for BCA Executive
    Do’s Don’ts
    Need to inform the customer about the benefits of KYC Should not compel customer to get KYC done
    Need to inform the customer about the benefits of Paytm. Should not share with customer, any incorrect information / scheme / promotion etc. for KYC
  • Penalty Matrix
    To ensure that the Service Provider does not adopt any appropriate practices, penalties will be levied as per below grid.Penalties for process lapse/ wrong procedure
S.No Activity Penalty Per Case
1 Customer escalation pertaining to :

a. Rude behavior by field executive
b. Incorrect information regarding any cash back /gift
c. Incorrect closure of any case

Rs. 500/-
2 KYC completed using forged documents Rs. 1,000/-
3 Asking money from customer for completing the KYC process Rs.500/- or 10 times of the amount taken from the customer whichever is higher
4 Breach of security, leakage of confidential customer related information or misuse of Paytm Payments Bank Ltd customer KYC data/documents in any manner Rs.10,000/- plus immediate termination of this Agreement at the option of Mewar



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E-KYC Introduction Form