How amazing would the world be if every person get so advanced with the technologies of Biometric Fingerprint Scanner? Your thumb impression could be your entryway to so many things. Maybe now you might not realize the importance of it but a time will come where you won’t be able to operate certain things or can’t get access to some serious stuff without the imprint of your thumb. But, there has to be a device that can read your thumb impression correctly isn’t it? A biometric fingerprint scanner comes as a rescue in a situation like this. It is a security authentication and identification device which is used for verifying the identity of a person who is alive with certain automated methods based on behavioral and psychological characteristics. The common characteristics are facial images, finger prints, voice recognition and iris prints. The biometric device price varies from piece to piece.

The uses of a biometric attendance machine are in abundance and here we will talk about a few of them

  1. A brief Security check at the airports– It been a couple of years since iris recognition is being used as a part of security check at many renowned airports. The day any person signs up for any of the schemes or probably gets a job there, their eyes and irises are scanned. This is done because the details of that person can be stored in a database which is internationally maintained and thus, that person will not have to waste time, waiting in a long cue of passengers and proving their identity. They can simply get their irises scanned and enter the airport. The biometric fingerprint scanner would scan their eyes and match it the details preinstalled details and allow the entry of that person if the details match.
  1. Entry in important building– Getting access into buildings after getting our fingerprint scanned is nothing new as of now. The biometric attendance machine technology is being used from ages by the protected establishments and buildings so as to ensure that only authorized person can get the access to enter that place. It is a way to insure that the place remains secured and confidential.
  1. Blood and financial Banks- Whether it is about keeping the money of people who have invested their trust along with the money or about keeping the blood the all the donors who donated it for a good cause safe, it is very important to keep that area safe and secured. No other security can be better than a biometric system. With everything being digital and advancing in technologies, the old norm of issuing cards to donors and checking it every time became difficult to cope up and so came biometric system as a savior. Now just with a mere biometric fingerprint scanner one can get access to all their details and information. On the other hand, the banks have a biometric system installed at the area where the liquid assets are stored.
  1. Schools and colleges- Keeping the record of attendance and the educational progress of each student among the hundreds and thousands of population in a school or a university is not at all possible these days. So, to simplify the process, many of the universities and schools are adopting this technology of biometric attendance machine where a student must mark their presence with their thumb impression. This makes keeping the track of students easy.

The major advancement that this technology is doing in India is in the field of online Aadhar card. The aadhaar biometric device price is reasonable and it is handy to use.