Manpower Recruitment Company

Mewar Education Pvt. Ltd. is a Rajasthan oriented Manpower Recruitment Company that has since ages helped specialty sectors in gaining access to talent pool of IT professionals. Bridging the gap between the organizations and opportunity hungry personnel, we become the key players in the allocation of talent in the leading government and non-government organization in Rajasthan, India.

Having been first to introduce the concept of manpower allocation and landing private services into public sectors, we have been the shapers of the future of the government working. By providing pure, raw, eligible, talent we have been the makers of a more enabled and empowered India.

In the wake of Skill India Scheme, we also made a significant contribution in improving the quality of education by helping employ talented IT professionals, teaching students about the subject.

We Do Employment Of

  1. Technology Tutors

Get skillful and knowledgeable IT Professionals helping students to annex the most difficult and complex aspects of technology. Hire technology tutors from us, we have done employment for PMKVY and RKCL

  1. Technicians

Get professional, experienced IT hardware and software professionals to work in your public or private ecosystem. We are leading recruitment service providers of Rajasthan, with a major employment rate in public sectors.