Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur (RSOS)

Mewar education possesses a strong base in the field of education, with collaborations with several renowned universities, Rajasthan State Open School being one of them. Each of these institutions that are Mewar Education and Rajasthan State Open School are objected to assist government in achieving their educational goals. Both of them intend to provide effective and efficient student support services and facilitating all the learners by establishing path with which they can attain online distance education by the means of organizations, agencies, and institutions in India as well as abroad, to help government in achieving national educational objectives and goals by affiliating with them, their schemes and programs. Also, they intend to promote quality education in every corner of the country by spreading awareness about distance education and open learning. It is not possible for each and every individual who is willing to attain education, to attend regular classes taking place in the university itself, so for all those students Mewar education, with its affiliation with Rajasthan State Open Learning is trying to give them opportunity to pursue the field they are interested into, from their home itself, and providing them with a degree of Rajasthan State Open Learning. All the study material required and the details needed, for all the available departments like Secondary, senior secondary, vocational education, open basic education, life enrichment and life skills program would be available at the Mewar education’s institute located in Udaipur. So, one can easily acquire distance education with the assistance of Mewar Education and Rajasthan State Open Learning.

Rajasthan State Open School was established on March 21, 2005 for the universality and simplicity of education. Rajasthan State Open School is a tool to formalize the learning resources of the school outside. For the 10th and 12th exams, anyone in the 14th and 15th years of the minimum can register. There is no maximum limit of age. Registration can be done at 441 reference centers across the state.

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